We Remember Dot Matthews

Dot Matthews

Dot Matthews

Dot (Dorothy) Matthews became a member of WAEOP in 1980. During the 2001-02 term, she served as WAEOP president. . . and that term was noteworthy.

Dot was active in her local professional association (Bellevue AEOP) and the National Association of Educational Office Professionals. She found joy in singing with the NAEOP choir. It was not uncommon to catch Dot being a mentor or a mother. WAEOP was an important part of her life. She did not hesitate to encourage others to step up and be part of their local association, WAEOP, NAEOP, and/or the National Association of Retired Educational Office Professionals.

Dot‘s death (July 3, 2017) was a shock to many, and she will be missed. Dot listened to and helped others. She knew how to network and strategically introduced people she knew would be supportive of and learn from each other. She was quick to
become and remain a friend, and her list of friends was long! Here are just a few special comments about Dot.

Ronnie Larson (former WAEOP Area 9 Director) attributes her involvement on the WAEOP board, in part to Dot. As a first-time conference attendee (several years ago), Ronnie was warmly greeted at the registration table by Dot. “When Dot said,
“I have been wanting to meet you,” Ronnie felt at home and knew she wanted to convey the same feeling to others.
“I knew Dot for years and always liked her. After we were both retired, it was great to have more time to visit with her,” said Audrey Cruickshank (retiree from the Auburn School District).

Billie Mikesell recalled rooming with Dot at WAEOP and NAEOP conferences, and participating in tours around the country. “I drink my coffee from an owl mug Dot gave me. It is printed with this bible verse, ‘God will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy,’ on the inside. This is so like her,” Billie added in remembering her good friend.

Dot was quick to praise publicly. . . shouting out about the accomplishments of others, and saved corrections for a more private arena.Whether you knew her a little, or knew her well, as Billie says, “Thank you, Dot for the memories to keep.”

On behalf of Dot‘s WAEOP family, our deepest condolences to her daughter, Jean, and son, Mark, and the rest of her family.
The celebration of Dot‘s life was held Saturday, September 16, in Bonney Lake, Washington at Creator Lutheran Church. Jean, Dot‘s daughter, wanted a casual open house at which friends and family could share stories about her mom.

For more information:
President Robin Mallory, president@waeop.com
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