Legislative Accountability

Advocating for Students and Staff

As stated in Washington State’s Constitution, amply funding education is the state’s paramount duty.

In 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled unanimously (McCleary Decision) that the state of Washington is violating the constitutional rights of children by failing to comply with its “paramount duty” to amply und the education of all students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Since then the legislature has filed annual reports of its progress toward fully funding K-12 education. In 2014, the Supreme Court ordered the state to appear before the court and answer to its compliance with the McCleary Decision. In 2015, the Washington State Supreme Court issued contempt of court sanctions against the state legislature for failing to comply with the Court’s order and began fining the state $100,000 per day.

The 2016 Legislative Session is underway. Make a difference—contact your legislator and let them know you support fully funding education.

Access the Washington State Legislative webpage at leg.wa.gov

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