NAEOP Events

July 12-15, 2017 in Greenville, South Carolina

The 2017 NAEOP Annual Conference and Institute will be held July 12-15, at the Greenville, South Carolina. Register now at

New Online Webinar Series

NAEOP is offering a new webinar series, “Enhancing the Skills of the Educational Office Professional.”  The series was created in response to comments and suggestions by NAEOP members for more hands-on, technical workshops. The one-hour workshops being offered this year include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Google, as well as Effective Business Writing, Creating SMART Goals and Building Positive Relationships at Work. These webinars, like last year, will be offered at two different times, 12:00 PM EST and 2:00 PM EST, to accommodate people in different time zones. Can’t commit to listening to each session live?  Purchase of the series will entitle you to receive the link to a closed YouTube site where you can listen to the recorded session at your convenience.

Register now at NAEOP Webinar Registration