President’s Message

Hello WAEOP friends!

Summer! What’s not to love?

Many WAEOP members are lucky to have a job with a built-in break. Even the year-round office professionals find a different pace in their jobs during the summer. Hopefully, you all are finding time to rest, spend time with loved ones and even think about your future a little.

At the NAEOP Conference in South Carolina, Georgette Council, CEOE presented at the Administrative Council lunch on “Reaching Your Professional Growth Goals, How to Nurture and Fertilize the Seeds for Growth and Success!” Her presentation inspired me to set some new goals and make sure they happen. Georgette, who is the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees, Richland School District Two, also taught a class on “How to Present Like a Pro: Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking” that was amazing. The Institute and Briefings that I attended were all really great and worth the trip. If you have never gone to a NAEOP Conference, I encourage and recommend that you set a goal to do that one summer. You will not regret the time meeting new friends, spending time with old friends, learning about a different city and its culture, taking top-notch classes and hearing from great Keynote speakers.

Back at home, I have been meeting with each WAEOP Board member to work with them in setting some personal and professional goals for this year. The nature of a statewide organization leaves us little time to meet face to face, so these meetings are a treat and help us to develop our team to serve you better. These meetings are ongoing and I am looking forward to meeting with everyone.

The WAEOP Board met on Saturday, July 24th at the Summit Inn on Snoqualmie Pass. It was clear that this year’s board is in-it to win-it! You may remember that was a very warm weekend and temperatures soared in Seattle as well as in the meeting room, but your board members worked hard to get the work at hand done!

Items that we discussed on behalf of you, the WAEOP membership, included:

  • The best ways for WAEOP to serve its members
  • Planning this year’s Professional Development Programs
  • Planning for the statewide Professional Development Day—Active Shooter Response —October 14th

It seems like a long time since we wrapped up schools for the summer, sent the students home and closed school offices. It was time to relax and spend time with family! Summer is such a great time to reflect on the last year and see what went right and what could use some improvement. It gives you an opportunity to slow down just long enough to gain site of the whole picture. You may even get to that place where you remember why you went into this line of work. That is a good thing to remember. Each of you are a critical part of the team that does amazing things each day, so that students in our state get a good education.

As we now turn our thoughts to September and the start of school, don’t forget to take care of yourself and set some personal and professional goals for this school year, before it gets into full swing.

Breathe deeply and Embrace Your Journey!

Robin Mallory, CEOE
WAEOP President 2017-2018