Hone Your Excel Skills

Coming up—Area 3 presents Microsoft Beginner and Intermediate Excel Classes
February 24 • 8:00am-12:00pm
Yakima Professional Development Center • 101 S. 6th Ave • Yakima

Presenter Eric Franz, a 23 year veteran with Yakima School District will lead this professional development activity. The four hours will be focused on learning Microsoft Excel. Eric holds 17 Microsoft Certifications so he well qualified to present this training.

In addition, Central Washington School of Massage Therapy will provide FREE 15 minutes neck and shoulder massages. Sign-ups will be taken the morning of the training.

For more information contact WAEOP Area 3 Director Darla Rohrbach-Nass, 509.952.8838,

Download the registration brochure here

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We Remember Dot Matthews

Dot Matthews

Dot Matthews

Dot (Dorothy) Matthews became a member of WAEOP in 1980. During the 2001-02 term, she served as WAEOP president. . . and that term was noteworthy.

Dot was active in her local professional association (Bellevue AEOP) and the National Association of Educational Office Professionals. She found joy in singing with the NAEOP choir. It was not uncommon to catch Dot being a mentor or a mother. WAEOP was an important part of her life. She did not hesitate to encourage others to step up and be part of their local association, WAEOP, NAEOP, and/or the National Association of Retired Educational Office Professionals.

Dot‘s death (July 3, 2017) was a shock to many, and she will be missed. Dot listened to and helped others. She knew how to network and strategically introduced people she knew would be supportive of and learn from each other. She was quick to
become and remain a friend, and her list of friends was long! Here are just a few special comments about Dot.

Ronnie Larson (former WAEOP Area 9 Director) attributes her involvement on the WAEOP board, in part to Dot. As a first-time conference attendee (several years ago), Ronnie was warmly greeted at the registration table by Dot. “When Dot said,
“I have been wanting to meet you,” Ronnie felt at home and knew she wanted to convey the same feeling to others.
“I knew Dot for years and always liked her. After we were both retired, it was great to have more time to visit with her,” said Audrey Cruickshank (retiree from the Auburn School District).

Billie Mikesell recalled rooming with Dot at WAEOP and NAEOP conferences, and participating in tours around the country. “I drink my coffee from an owl mug Dot gave me. It is printed with this bible verse, ‘God will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy,’ on the inside. This is so like her,” Billie added in remembering her good friend.

Dot was quick to praise publicly. . . shouting out about the accomplishments of others, and saved corrections for a more private arena.Whether you knew her a little, or knew her well, as Billie says, “Thank you, Dot for the memories to keep.”

On behalf of Dot‘s WAEOP family, our deepest condolences to her daughter, Jean, and son, Mark, and the rest of her family.
The celebration of Dot‘s life was held Saturday, September 16, in Bonney Lake, Washington at Creator Lutheran Church. Jean, Dot‘s daughter, wanted a casual open house at which friends and family could share stories about her mom.

For more information:
President Robin Mallory,
Public Relations Website Chair Tammy Bengen,

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Freeman Strong

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the community of Freeman High School, and the greater Spokane area.

We are thinking of you. We are here for you.

For more information:
WAEOP Public Relations Tammy Bengen,

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Dr. Justin Mills is Administrator of the Year

Superintendent of Bellevue School School District Dr. Justin Mills (center) received WAEOP's Administrator of the Year Award.

Superintendent of Bellevue School School District Dr. Justin Mills (center) received WAEOP’s Administrator of the Year Award.

At an awards ceremony held April 22 in Richland, Washington during the Annual WAEOP Spring Conference, Dr. Justin T. Mills, superintendent of the Bellevue School District was selected as the 2016-2017 WAEOP Educational Administrator of the Year.

Dr. Mills has made tremendous strides since coming to Bellevue School District in 2012. Through his guidance and leadership, the district has developed a culture that allows all staff to be heard and feel they are valued and important to a smooth running district that ultimately benefits the children.

One Co-Worker says: “since joining the Bellevue School District, I have witnessed Dr. Mill’s leadership reshape the district. The mark of a leader is how the leader brings others to places where they would not go by themselves. They describe Dr. Mills as the most effective and genuine school leader. His emotional intelligence and authenticity are why those who have worked with him speak so highly of his leadership.”

Dr. Mills not only has provided a culture within the Bellevue School District that benefits all employees, but he fosters an atmosphere for all employees to achieve their goals, which in turn brings about a stronger and more united work place and community. Dr. Mills encourages staff to grow professionally and personally by attending a variety of training opportunities including the professional development conferences and workshops sponsored by WAEOP. He also supports the efforts of all classified staff who choose to aim for and reach their educational goals by obtaining their Professional Standards Program Certification as offered by the National Association of Educational Office Professionals.

Dr. Mills has been married to his wife, Gail, for 33 years.  They have three adult children and five grandchildren ages 3 months to 5 years. Dr. Mills likes to golf, read, play with the grandkids and spend time with his wife, Gail and the family. Dr. Mills was raised by his grandmother and is the only sibling in his family to graduate high school. He has served in education for 40 years.  He has been a high school band director/teacher, middle school principal, executive director of high school education and has served as a Superintendent for 18 years.  He plans to retire on June 30th of this year.

Congratulations again Dr. Mills, our 2016-2017 Educational Administrator of the Year!

For more information:
WAEOP Awards Committee Chair Rhonda Quinton,, 509.234.2021, ext. 1011

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Members Awarded PSP Certificates

Congratulations to the following WAEOP members (and 4 additional members who asked that we not print their names) who were awarded PSP certificates on September 15, 2016 and January 15, 2017. You can all be proud of yourselves for this recognition of your hard work and growth, both personally and professionally.

Karla Barton, Advanced lll, Option l & CEOE
Linda Conti, Advanced lll, Option l & CEOE
Dorine Hunt, Basic, Option I
Marilyn Jenkins, Advanced l, Option I
Anna Johnson, Advanced lll, Option ll
Ray Keyes, Associate Professional, Option ll
Ebbeni Moen, Advanced lll, Option l & CEOE
Cheryl Parker-McLane, Associate Professional, Option I
Karen Rang, Basic, Option ll
Mary Stephens-Bell, Bachelor Degree, Option ll & CEOE
Sandy Warner, Advanced l, Option ll & CEOE

And congratulations to the following WAEOP members (and one more who asked us not to use her name) who have demonstrated their commitment to continued growth and lifelong learning by recertifying their certificates. They are: Laureen Andersen, Mona Freeman, Elaine Theriault and Lisa Wilkinson.

What is PSP anyway?
The Professional Standards Program (PSP) is a voluntary program established by the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) to encourage office professionals to grow professionally. The four components include 1) experience in an educational office setting, 2) education, 3) in-service, and 4) association responsibility. PSP is for everyone. As an affiliate of the NAEOP, WAEOP  promotes PSP and supports people who are working on certificates. You can get more information at on the PSP page.

Have you earned a PSP Certificate?  Each April, we celebrate each member who has earned any level of PSP certificate within the past year. If you earned a PSP certificate, please come to the annual conference April 28th & 29 so we can honor you for your accomplishment. The certificates are a tangible representation of many hours of in-service training, professional development, committee work and membership in your professional organizations. They are evidence of your commitment to professionalism and lifelong learning. Come to conference so your peers can recognize your accomplishments and be inspired toward their own. Please contact your PSP Chairperson, Cheryl Smith at if you have questions.

More about the Professional Standards Program at NAEOP PSP

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2017-2018 Election Results

The results from the 2017-2018 WAEOP Board Elections are in. The following WAEOP members have be elected to—

President-Elect: Sariann Meredith
Secretary: Kim Schneider
Area 3 Director: Darla Rohrbach-Nass (appointment pending board approval)
Area 4 Director: Kathy Hendrickson (appointment pending board approval)
Area 5 Director: Tammy Bengen
Area 8 Director: Cheryl Parker McLane

Thank you to our members for their willingness to serve our membership. Members will be installed at the WAEOP Spring 2017 Conference.

The Area 10 Director position is open at this time. If you are interested in being considered for this position, please contact WAEOP President Lori Palombo at
Area 10 Director

For a list of areas, please visit

For more information about elections, please contact

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President’s Message

Hello WAEOP friends!

Thankful for YOU!

Fall is here and along with the weather awkwardly transition from the warmth of Summer to the frigid depths of Winter, this is the time that we give traditionally give thanks.  As we take time to think about the past year and all of changes and people in our lives, there is much to be truly thankful about.

The WAEOP members that I have been in touch with are working hard and making a difference every day for students in amazing ways and I am so very thankful for each of you.  I wonder if you are celebrating your successes and taking care of yourselves and each other?   Working hard is great for results, but, the risk of “putting your nose to the grindstone” is that we may forget that we are better together, stronger together.  I encourage you to make time for connecting with your co-workers and looking at the successes you have as WAEOP group.  Networking is important work and does effect student success.   Make time to give thanks and see the great things that are going on around us and then share those things with others.  You can make a difference in your school, district and community by being a great communicator of the wonderful things that are happening.  We ARE the best ambassadors of our own work.

Make time to network.  Seek out trainings and events with others in jobs like yours and know and spread the news of the great work that you are doing. This is one of the things that Professional Associations do BEST!  Join and attend other professional organization such as your local association and/or NAEOP (National Association of Educational Office Professionals) **Did you know that Washington is the state with the largest number of members of NAEOP?

WAEOP is currently over 400 members strong and has been doing some great work…we know that we are Better Together!

At the Fall Board meeting, we worked on difficult budget issues and planning for future events.  After much study and noting that dues have not increased in 3 decades, the board voted to increase the Active, Associate and Student Membership dues on January 1st of 2018 with an increase of $10 each per year.  Active yearly membership will be $45, Associate $20 and Student $15.  Retiree memberships will remain at

On October 14th at Stadium High School in Tacoma, WAEOP proudly held a State Wide Professional Development class on Active Shooter Response.  The many participants of this class heard some tough facts about some of the most horrible things that can happen in a school and came away with the knowledge of what to look for and how to respond with decisive action should this sort of danger come into their school. The instructors from Tactical Training Institute, were excellent and WAEOP is planning on offering this class again in other parts of the State.

Plans are under way for a Microsoft Office Training in Yakima in February and a GREAT Spring Conference in Bellevue Washington at the Red Lion Hotel April 20th and 21st.  Be sure to check out for more information.

Thanks for the great work you do to keep your school and your district running.  You make a difference every day by helping students to get an education – which will create a better future for all of us.  Reach out and tell your community the great things you are doing!


Robin Mallory, CEOE
WAEOP President 2017-2018





First-timers Reflection on NAEOP Conference

WAEOP Member Janice Stepp Reflects on her NAEOP National Conference Experience.

In her own words—

On July 12th I left Seattle for St. Louis where I would attend my 1st ever National Education Office Professionals (NAEOP) Conference July 13 – 16, 2016.   My conference roommate Robin Mallory and I arrived at the St. Louis Airport Tuesday afternoon about 5 p.m.  I rode the Metro Link for $4, she the shuttle, directly to the Union Station Doubletree by Hilton Hotel and the Hard Rock Café where the Washington delegation were gathered for dinner.  Sweet Tea and fine food shared with friends was very welcome after a day of traveling.  Much walking and more adventures would be in store for me.

First thing Wednesday morning, I stopped by Registration to pick up my packet on my way to the 1st Timer’s Breakfast, an event for those of us who had never before been to a NAEOP conference.  At the breakfast  we were given information to enhance our conference experience.  We were introduced to the NAEOP Planning Team, NAEOP office staff, Area Directors and others.  The Missouri ladies who, as hostesses, wore colorful bandanas identifying them as people we could ask questions of.  Acquainting myself with the layout of the hotel, locating various rooms where classes and meetings would be held then determining the best route to take was my next order of business.   The hallways for the guest rooms were called “tracks.”  If Robins hadn’t told me to turn left when leaving the room, I may have gone the wrong direction on the right track.

Being with people who share the same energy, enthusiasm and passion for students and education is truly a wonderful experience.  As a retired Education Office Professional, I was able to share time with other retirees who are still passionate about education and are mentors to those still working.  While at an Area Lunch, one question we pondered and shared thoughts about is social media, it’s place in our world and using it responsibly.  Classes I took included “Taking Minutes,” Copy-Editing and Proofreading”, Public Speaking, all of which are useful throughout life.

Most memorable were the shared meals, laughter, sharing of ideas and experiences, going to museums, walking through parks and streets of St. Louis, the Arch, a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, Anheuser Busch to see the Clydesdales and meeting new people.  The people in St. Louis were friendly and helpful.

Walking through this old railway station, now a major hotel, I tried to imagine where travelers in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were going, what they were thinking and what adventures awaited them.  I was on my own adventure feeling much as they may have felt as I rented a car after leaving the conference and traveled to Hannibal, Springfield, Joplin to visit family and Kansas City where I visited the Hallmark Visitor Center, a Crayola Store and the Arabia Steamboat Museum on the recommendation of one of our Seattle delegates!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to the NAEOP Conference next year in South Carolina but look forward to other NAEOP Conferences in the future.  St. Louis in 2016 was a wonderful introduction!


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WAEOP Announces Awards for Excellence

Each year, WAEOP recognizes the accomplishments of office professionals and administrators.

Administrator of the Year
Picture1[1]Congratulations to Noreen Thomas, Principal Sage Point Elementary in Moses Lake School District who has been selected as the 2016 WAEOP Administrator of the Year.

Her nominator stated “As the principal of Sage Point Elementary, Noreen prides herself in being the best principal possible and sets a very high standard for herself and her staff. Mrs. Thomas is what I call, “A working principal.” She is out and about working in the classrooms to help and assist with curriculum or help with tips on teaching or behavior issues a teacher might have in their classroom. Not only is Mrs. Thomas a supportive principal for her certificated staff, she is very supportive of her office staff continuing their education and training through WVEOP, WAEOP and NAEOP. Mrs. Thomas has supplied subs for her office staff to attend classes and trainings as well as budgeted money for them to attend.”

A letter of recommendation states “I have had the opportunity to work for many principals in my 20 plus years of teaching, and none has been as exceptional a leader as Mrs. Thomas, A principal must balance many demands from teachers, parents, students, and the school district, and Noreen does an excellent job working with all of these stakeholders…..She serves as an instructional leader, inspiring teachers to give our best possible effort to our students. She is diplomatic and fair in her interactions with parents. Most important, Noreen develops relationships with the students in our building, often taking the time to talk with them and inquire about their lives. Mrs. Thomas represents the viewpoints and concerns of our staff with the district office. She listens to the input of all, and is not afraid to make difficult decisions.”

Office Professional of the Year
Tammy Bengen, CEOE, from Ferndale School District has been selected as the 2016 WAEOP Office Professional of the Year as well as receiving the Excellence in Bengen PhotoCommunication award for the Ferndale Schools newsletter.

Tammy’s nominator stated “Tammy is one of the highest quality professional individuals that I know. This goes without saying at a local, state and national level. Mrs. Bengen sets the bar high for herself and continues to always do so with integrity, virtue, and honestly – setting the bar high for WAEOP and its members, which is one of the reasons I am writing you.”

The nominator also stated “As a professional with a great supportive environment, Tammy is valued greatly for her strengths, leadership, and her willingness to provide professionalism with each step in her path for excellence. I am honored to work with Tammy and to write this letter to let her know that I look forward to continue working and learning from her. If I can ever be half of the professional she is, I will be honored.”

A letter of recommendation states “Tammy is definitely the highest quality office professional I know. She sets standards high for herself and encourages others to find their individual strengths. She is friendly, helpful and resourceful with her colleagues and with the public. As the District’s Public Information Officer, she writes staff newsletters, prepares all press releases and serves as the main liaison between the district and local media. One example is her very strong writing skills, Tammy has created and written the community newsletter over the 23 years with the district and has been recognized by the state WAEOP association for the publication three times.”

WAEOP 2016 Award winners will be recognized at the WAEOP Spring Conference. Spring Conference will be held April 22-23 at the Red Lion Hotel – 510 South Kelso Drive, Kelso, WA.

The Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals (WAEOP) is a state wide organization for educational office professionals. WAEOP provides leadership opportunities, professional development and networking with other educational professionals in the same or similar roles. WAEOP can help office professional’s work towards getting their various Professional Standards Program (PSP) certificates.

For more information:
WAEOP Awards Chair Sariann Meredith,, 509.665.2621

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Managing our Public Records


On a sunny March Saturday morning in Ferndale, 23 office professionals gathered to attend a four-hour professional development opportunity focused on records management for educational institutions.

Presenter Ann Kienholz Jurcevich, WAEOP Member and head secretary for Freeman Elementary School, brought her expertise to this topic. She reviewed what constitutes a record, the responsibilities associated with handling records (phone messages, emails, photos, clippings, files/documents, etc.) and the associated retention, destruction and archival expectations as a steward of these records. Some time was spent on review and understanding of dedicated and general retention schedules and methods of managing records accordingly.


This PDD was a collaboration between WAEOP and Ferndale School District.

For more information:
WAEOP Area 5 Director Tammy Bengen, 360.383.9207,

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