WAEOP Past Presidents

 WAEOP Past Presidents and some WAEOP History
Term of Office Name/District Theme and Installation
1955 – 1956 Vida Darlington Knodle
Deceased 1996

Fall Conference, Nov. 11-13, 1955 New Washington Hotel – Seattle, WA
Spring Conference, Apr 4-6, 1956 Seattle Public Schools – Seattle, WA “Whale of an Event”

Founded as Washington Association of Educational Secretaries, Nov 13, 1955

1956  – 1959 Ruth Markus Hansen
Coulee City
 Deceased 2000

Spring Conference Apr 5-7, 1957 University of Washington – Seattle, WA
Fall Conference Aug 4-7, 1957 College of Puget Sound – Tacoma, WA
Fall Conference Nov 14-15, 1958 Olympic Hotel – Seattle, WA “Progress Through Participation”
Spring Conference Apr 10-11, 1959 Wenatchee, WA “One Among Many”

First WAES Publication, Sept 1956

1959  – 1962 Elberta MacGregor Deceased 1984

Fall Conference Oct 23-24, 1959 Tacoma, WA -Wilhelmine Erickson-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 23-24, 1960 Spokane, WA “Gold Star Conference”
Fall Conference Oct 21-22, 1960 Roosevelt Hotel – Seattle, WA “Rocket Record”
Spring Conference May 6-7, 1961 Yakima, WA “Secretaries Place in the Sun” -Betty Layfield-Chair
Fall Conference Nov 3-5, 1961 Winthrop Hotel – Tacoma, WA “Countdown to Take-Off”
Spring Conference Apr 13-15, 1962 Wentachee, WA “Blossom Forth With Century 21”

Started state Affiliation Program – 1959
State divided into 5 geographic areas for better member service – 5 area directors appointed
First 3-day conference

1962 – 1964 Essa Smith
Lake Washington
Deceased 2003

Fall Conference Nov 2-4, 1962 Tyee Motor Inn – Olympia, WA “Focus on the State of Washington”
Spring Conference Apr 26-28, 1963 Moses Lake, WA “Living, Learning & Leisure”
Fall Conference Nov 1-2, 1963 Vancouver, WA “Frontiers of Education”
Spring Conference May 2-3, 1964 Central Washington College – Ellensburg, WA “The Open Door”

1964 – 1966 Juan Huseby
1964-65 Teamwork: It Enables Everything You Do
1965-66 Opportunity – Prepare Yourself to Meet the Challenge
Deceased 2000

Fall Conference Nov 6-8, 1964 Edmonds, WA “It’s A Small World”
Spring Conference Apr 26-28, 1965 Ridpath Hotel – Spokane, WA “The Shape of Things in ’65”
Fall Conference Nov 5-7, 1965 Seattle, WA “Your Tomorrow”
Spring Conference Apr 25-27, 1966 Chinook Hotel and Eisenhower High School – Yakima, WA “Take Time”

1966  – 1968 Margaret Kilcup
1966-67 WAES Lights the Way
1967-68 WAES Charts the Course for the Seven C’s
installed by Mr. Louis Bruno – State Supt. of Public Instruction
Deceased 2007

Fall Conference Nov 4-6, 1966 Longview, WA “Happiness Is…..”
Spring Conference Apr 14-16, 1967 Walla Walla, WA “Let’s Explore” -Frances Spoonemore-Chair
Fall Conference Nov 3-5, 1967 Tacoma, WA “Building Bridges”
Spring Conference Apr 26-28, 1968 Ellensburg, WA “Designs for Living” -Frances A. Warren-Chair

1968  – 1970 Hilda Krahn
Our Changing Roles in a Changing World
installed by Verna Rockhold, President SAEOP
  Deceased 2013

Fall Conference Nov 1-3, 1968 Renton, WA “Flight To Tomorrow” -Emma Macklin-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 18-20, 1969 Wenatchee, WA “Casting A Line in ’69” -Betty Jones-Chair
Fall Conference Nov 7-9, 1969 Tyee Motor Inn – Olympia, WA “Turning Leaves” -Laurel Chilcoat-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 17-19, 1970 Ridpath Hotel – Spokane, WA “The 70’s – A Decade of Change and Challenge”      -Evelyn Conrath-Chair

1970  – 1971 Wilhelmine Erickson
Keeping Pace with Tomorrow Today

Fall Conference Nov 6-8, 1970 Shoreline Community College “In the Middle of Now” -Kay Koch-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 22-25, 1971 Washington Plaza Hotel – Seattle, WA “Take Time” -Emma Macklin-Chair

1971  – 1972 Mary Ann Vellat  Person to Person Deceased 2003

Fall Conference Oct 15-17, 1971 Yakima, WA “Indian Summer” -Betty Layfield-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 21-23, 1972 Bellevue, WA “If Not Now, When?” -Harriet Flynn-Chair

1972  – 1973 Emma Macklin
Together We Grow Through Service, Recognition, Information & Fellowship.     installed by Juan Huseby

Mini-conference Oct 7, 1972 Marcus Whitman Junior High – Port Orchard, WA “What’s in Your Future”
Mini-conference Oct 28, 1972 Spokane Teachers’ Credit Union Building – Spokane, WA “Expo in ’74 –
Experts in ’75”
Mini-conference Nov 4, 1972 Inglemoore High School – Bothell, WA Northwest “Lights Are On”
Mini-conference Feb 24, 1973 Kentridge High School – Kent, WA “Tomorrow’s World”
Spring Conference Apr 27-29, 1973 Red Lion Inn & Columbia Basin College – Pasco, WA “Together We Grow”      -Ann Dickstein-Chair

1973  – 1974 Roberta Wells
WAES (We All Educate Students)
installed by Margaret Kilcup
Deceased 2001

Fall Conference Oct 12-14, 1973 Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA – NAES Northwest Mini-conference
-Roberta Wells – Washington and Shirley Osterhout – Oregon -Chairs
Spring Conference Apr 26-28, 1974 Everett, WA “Branch Out with Evergreen”
-June Hansen & Margaret Smith-Chairs

1974  – 1975 Dorothy Frazier
ESD 101
Let’s Be Our Best
installed by Mary Ann Vellat
Deceased 2003

Fall Conference Oct 11-13, 1974 Spokane, WA “”WOW” Words Of Wisdom”
Spring Conference Apr 25-26, 1975 Providence Heights – Issaquah, WA “Together Like Patchwork” -Janet Dash-Chair

1975  – 1976 Paula Thomas
Together We Can
installed by Roberta Wells

Fall Conference Oct 24-26, 1975 Whitman Hotel – Walla Walla, WA Bicentennial Theme – “Together We Can”      -Lois Riggert-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 23-25, 1976 SeaTac Motor Inn (Thunderbird) – Seattle, WA Bicentennial Theme –      “Together We Can” -Gerry Storrar-Chair

1976  – 1977 Jean Hall
Hands United Through WAES
installed by Essa Smith
Deceased 1999

Fall Conference Oct 15-17, 1976 Red Lion Inn – Yakima, WA “It’s A Small World” -Donna Whitehouse-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 15-17, 1977 Tyee Motor Inn – Olympia, WA “What’s Brewing in Olympia?”
-Karin Huntley-Chair

1977  – 1978 Dee Frazier Whiteaker
Happiness Is Working Together
installed by Dorothy Frazier

Fall Conference Oct 14-16, 1977 Vancouver, WA “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” -Roberta Wells-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 14-16, 1978 Hallmark Inn – Moses Lake, WA “The WAES Spring Round-up “



1978  – 1979 Scotty Klaudt Burr
Port Orchard
Be Aware
installed by Mary Ann Vellat

Fall Conference Oct 13-15, 1978 SeaTac Red Lion Inn – Seattle, WA “Into the Future With the Best of the Past”      -Dorothy Frazier-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 20-22, 1979 Longview, WA “Follow the Lewis & Clark Trail” -Genee Anderson-Chair

1979  – 1980 Sharon Davidson Eastman Meeting the Future Prepared
installed by Paula Thomas

Fall Conference Oct 12-14, 1979 Spokane, WA “Remember When?” -Sharon Thomas Little-Chair
Spring Conference Mar 28-30, 1980 SeaTac Red Lion – Seattle, WA “Reach For the Silver Lining”
-Bev Feighner-Chair

1980  – 1981 Irene Usitalo
Federal Way
New Horizons in Professionalism
installed by Jean Hall
Deceased 2003

Fall Conference Oct 10-12, 1980 Towne Plaza Hotel – Yakima, WA “Harvest Daze” -Gail Schoonhoven-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 3-5, 1981 Park Hilton Hotel – Seattle, WA “Let’s Get It Done in ’81” -Lala Klenman-Chair

1981  – 1982 Betty Fulton
Clover Park
Renewing Our Commitments
installed by Dee Whiteaker

Fall Conference Oct 16-18, 1981 Holiday Inn – Bellingham, WA “From Ski to Sea with WAEOP”
-Helen Lewis-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 16-18, 1982 Thunderbird Hotel – Wenatchee, WA “Spring Forward Professionally”
-Jan Wallick-Chair

1982  – 1983 Marie Raphael
Professionalism Is the Key
installed by Paula Thomas
Deceased 2004

Fall Conference Oct 15-17, 1982 Jantzen Beach Thunderbird Hotel – Portland, OR “School Days, School Daze”      -Roberta Wells-Chair

Spring Conference Apr 4-6, 1983 Excutive House – Fife, WA “Key to Professionalism” -Donna Card-Chair

1983  – 1984 Marla Shuman
ESD 101

Fall Conference Oct 14-16, 1983 Hanford House – Richland, WA “A Positive Change” -Pat Merkel-Chair
Spring Conference Mar 16-18, 1984 Pacific Hotel – Everett, WA “Dimensions Unlimited” -Julie Schumacher-Chair

1984  – 1985 Donna Hanshew
Prepare For Tomorrow Today
installed by Betty Fulton

Fall Conference Oct 12-14, 1984 Spokane, WA “Today is Tomorrow” -Janis Fogelson-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 12-14, 1985 SeaTac Marriott Hotel “Linking Us Together — Today for Tomorrow”
-Bev Millar-Chair

1985  – 1986 Jean Fankell
Caring and Sharing Link Us Together
installed by Marie Raphael
 Deceased 2009

Fall Conference Oct 11-13, 1985 Westwater Inn – Olympia, WA “Caring and Sharing: A Capital Idea”
-Marlene Triplett-Chair

Spring Conference Apr 11-13, 1986 Towne Plaza – Yakima, WA “You are the Core” -Mary Beth Peck-Chair

1986  – 1987 Patricia Piper
The Educational Team Standing Together
installed by Dee Whiteaker

Fall Conference Oct 10-12, 1986 Sheraton Hotel – Tacoma, WA “Building the Future Together”
-Joan Miller and Judy Caffael-Chairs
Spring Conference Apr 10-12, 1987 Red Lion Inn – Pasco, WA “Commitment Builds Achievement”
-Holly McKinney-Chair

1987  – 1988 Pat Merkel
Plant a Seed – Harvest Your Rewards
installed by Irene Usitalo

Fall Conference Oct 9-11, 1987 Thunderbird Inn at the Quay – Vancouver, WA “Plant a Seed – Harvest the Rewards” -Patricia Jeschke-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 8-10, 1988 Convention Center – Wenatchee, WA “Above the Best” -Mary Jane Gurnard      (Jan Wallick)-Chair

1988  – 1989 Cecelia Jenkens
WAEOP: Visions of Success
installed by Pat Fleming – NAEOP President

Fall Conference Oct 13-15, 1988 SeaTac Marriott Hotel “Visions of Success” -Sharon Thomas-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 21-23, 1989 Sheraton Hotel – Spokane, WA An “International Extravaganza”
-Kelly Joiner Zalewski LaGrutta-Chair

1989  – 1990 Janet Mercier Jones Patrick
Celebration of Success
installed by Jackie Fuller – NAEOP President

Fall Conference Oct 13-15, 1989 West Coast Everett Pacific Hotel – Everett, WA “Celebrations of Success”      -Karen McBride-Chair
Spring Conference May 4-6, 1990 Red Lion Inn – Pasco, WA “Celebrations of Success” -Jo Cluck-Chair

1990  – 1991 Janice Schumann
Lake Stevens
Professionals in Progress
installed by Jean Fankell
  Deceased 2013

Fall Conference Oct 12-14, 1990 Red Lion Inn – Bellevue, WA “A 90’s Kind of Woman” -Patricia Piper-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 19-21, 1991 Towne Plaza – Yakima, WA “Challenge the Future” -LaVerne Porter-Chair



1991  – 1992 Kelly Zalewski LaGrutta
ESD 101
installed by Patricia Piper

Fall Conference Oct 11-13, 1991 Westwater Inn – Olympia, WA “Kids: A Capitol Idea” -Marilyn Bounds-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 24-26, 1992 Sheraton Hotel – Spokane, WA “Office Professionals: A Cog In The Wheel”      -Janis Fogelson-Chair

1992  – 1993 Kathy Lech
Together We Can
installed by Paula Thomas

Fall Conference Oct 9-11, 1992 Sheraton Hotel – Tacoma, WA “Celebrate the Rainbow of Children”
-Gerry Storrar and Margaret Cook-Chairs
Spring Conference Apr 23-25, 1993 Red Lion Inn – Pasco, WA “Expand Your Horizons”
-Jo Cluck & Pat Merkel-Chairs

1993  – 1994 Fran Richardson
Focus On the Future – One Step at a Time
installed by Paula Thomas

Fall Conference Oct 8-10, 1992 Red Lion Inn at the Quay – Vancouver, WA “Hands of the Future”
-Diana Cruz-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 22-24, 1994 Wenatchee Center Hotel – Wenatchee, WA “Spring in the Valley”
-Chris Dobson and Mimi Robertson-Chairs

1994  – 1995 Glenna Fisk
Bridges to Professionalism
installed by Emma Macklin and Evelyn Homann (Glenna’s mother)

Fall Conference Oct 7-9, 1994 Red Lion Inn – Bellevue, WA “Crossing Bridges” -Dot Matthews-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 28-30, 1995 Towne Plaza – Yakima, WA “Images Alive in ’95” -Pat Aho-Chair



1995  – 1996 Vi Holland
Illuminate Your Future
installed by Kathy Lech and Jean Fankell

Fall Conference Oct 6-8, 1995 Embassy Suites – Lynnwood, WA “Illuminate Your Future” -Bev O’Malley-Chair
Spring Conference Mar 22-24, 1996 Cavanaugh’s Inn at the Park – Spokane, WA “It’s M A G I C”
(Making A Greater Individual Commitment) -Bonnie Hunter-Chair

1996  – 1997 JoAnn Neel
Central Kitsap
Working Together Makes WAEOP Go Round
installed by Jean Fankell

Fall Institute Oct 17-19, 1996 West Coast Center – Wenatchee, WA “Commit To Excellence” -Vi Holland-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 18-20, 1997 Holiday Inn Select – Olympia, WA “Capitolize On Your Potential”
-Cheryl Andersen-Chair

1997  – 1998 Pat Aho
Reach for Excellence With WAEOP
installed by Paula Thomas

Fall Institute Oct 10-12, 1997 Cavanaugh’s at Columbia Center – Kennewick “Reach for Excellence”
-Jo Cluck-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 17-19, 1998 SeaTac Red Lion – SeaTac, WA “Gateways to Fellowship, Knowledge,      Skills, Success, Travel, Service, Information and Education” -Gail Larson-Chair

1998  – 1999 Karen Beeson
…a Circle of Success – Friends Working Together
installed by Jean Fankell
 Deceased 2013

Fall Institute Oct 9-11, 1998 Embassy Suites – Bellevue, WA “WAEOP – A Circle To Grow… Friends Working      Together” -Glenna Fisk-Chair

Spring Conference Apr 16-18, 1999 Cavanaugh’s at the Yakima Center “Reach for the Stars with WAEOP”      -Barbara Thomas-Chair

1999  – 2000 Jo Cluck
Reach For the Stars with WAEOP
installed by Irene Usitalo

Fall Institute Oct 15-17, 1999 Heathman Lodge – Vancouver, WA “Journey to Success”
-Helena Zimmerman-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 14-16, 2000 Cavanaugh’s Inn at the Park – Spokane, WA “S T A R S”
(Support Teamwork and Recognition of Service) -Patty Nevdahl-Chair
A Star was named “WAEOP” at the International Star Registry

2000  – 2001 Kathy Lech
Imagine the Impact
installed by Gayna Warren – NAEOP President

Fall Institute Oct 13-15, 2000 Hallmark Inn – Moses Lake, WA “It’s A Small World After All” -Vi Holland-Chair
Spring Conference ?

2001  – 2002 Dot Matthews
WAEOP Is Noteworthy
installed by Paula Thomas
 Deceased 2017

Fall Institute ?
Spring Conference Seattle, WA “A Work of Heart–the Beat Goes On”

2002  – 2003 Machel Salado
Illuminate Your Future – Light the Fire Within

Fall Institute Oct 25-27, 2002 Kennewick, WA “MMFI (Make Me Feel Important” – Nan Hensley & Terri Cerna-Chairs
Spring Conference April 2003 “A Work of Heart – the Beat Goes On” – Terri Cerna-Chair

2003  – 2004 Mary Taylor
Embrace the Magic of WAEOP
installed by Julie Nauman and Cristi Cruickshank

Fall Institute Oct 10-12, 2003 Spokane, WA” Unlock Your Potential” -Elizabeth Foley-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 16-18, 2004 Yakima, WA -Marilyn Mason-Chair

2004  – 2005 Nan Hensley
Spread Your Wings, Dare to Soar with WAEOP
installed by Dot Matthews & Paula Thomas

Fall Institute Oct 15-17, 2004 Red Lion Inn – Kelso, WA “Sail Free, Sail Far” -Kathy Hinderager-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 22-24, 2005 Sheraton Tacoma Hotel – Tacoma, WA “Explore, Dream, Discover”
-Machel Salado-Chair

2005  – 2006 Patty Nevdahl
Set Yourself Free through WAEOP
installed by Vi Holland and Kathy Lech

Fall Institute Oct 7-9, 2005 Seattle Airport Hilton, Seattle, WA “Golden Pathways — 50 Years to Excellence”
– Vi Holland-Chair
Spring Conference Apr 20-22, 2006 Red Lion Hotel – Pasco, WA “A Piece of the Puzzle, A Part of the Solution”

2006  – 2007 Terri Cerna
North Franklin
Explore WAEOP: Discover The Incredible Journey
installed by Vi Holland and Kathy Lech

Fall Institute Oct 13-15, 2006 Inn at Gig Harbor – Gig Harbor, WA “Catch the Wave–Balance the Boat”
Spring Conference Apr 19-21, 2007 Wenatchee, WA “Reflections of Professionalism” -Sherrie Osborne-Chair

2007  – 2008 Eldene Wall
Put A Song In Your Heart With WAEOP!
installed by Dr. Rich McBride

Fall Institute Oct 5-7, 2007 Holiday Inn – Everett, WA “Fall Into Success”
-Janice Schumann and Lori Palombo-Chairs
Spring Conference Apr 18-20, 2008 Pasco, WA “Get Your Ducks in a Row” -Sandy Childress-Chair

2008  – 2009 Rachel Ott
 WAEOP, Guiding the Way for Others
installed by Nan Hensley & Paula Thomas

Fall Summit Oct 10-11, 2008 Pioneer Middle School, DuPont, WA “WAEOP is Key” -Kathy Lech-Chair
Spring Conference, March 6-8, 2009 Tacoma, WA “Shine Your Star” -Dana Ballou-Chair

– 2010
Rhonda Quinton
North Franklin
Pulling Together We Can Achieve Anything
installed by Vi Holland and Terri Cerna

Fall Summit Oct 9-10, 2009 A.C. Davis High School, Yakima, WA “Technology – Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts” – Marilyn Mason-Chair
Spring Conference April 23-24, 2010 Holiday Inn, Renton, WA “Step Up…Take Action…” – Paula Jo Brave & Karen Penewell-Co-Chairs

– 2011
Sheri McGraw
WAEOP: Helping Hands, Caring Hearts
installed by Glenna Fisk

Spring Conference April 29-30, 2011 Red Lion Hotel, Wenatchee, WA “Celebrate the Successes”  -Terri Cerna-Chair

– 2012
Jennifer Robinson
Accept the Challenge, Experience the Growth
installed by Terri Cerna & Paula Thomas

Spring Conference April 19-21, 2012 Kelso, WA “Building Bridges” -Terri Cerna-Chair

– 2013
Pam James
Find Your Passion, Love Your Journey
installed by Rhonda Quinton & Eldene Wall

Fall Institute October 19-21, 2012 Tacoma, WA “Even Eagles Need a Push”  -Kathy Lech-Chair
Spring Conference April 25-27, 2013 Richland, WA “Build Your Professional Foundation” -Kathy Lech-Chair


Established the Jean Fankell Memorial Student Scholarship (Member Sponsored)

– 2014
Tina Schuler
The WAEOP Network – Expand Your Resources
installed by Vi Holland

Fall Institute October 11-13, 2013 Moses Lake, WA “Cast your N.E.T.
Spring Conference April 25-26, 2014 Olympia, WA “Bloom Where You Are Planted”

– 2015
Marilyn Mason
Piecing Together the Fabric of WAEOP
installed by Paula Thomas
– 2016

Melisa White
Moses Lake

– 2017
Lori Palombo
WAEOP: Heart of Professionalism